Watch this video of Carol, a Meals on Wheels of Lehigh County client who lives alone and struggles with mobility, speaking directly to Congress on behalf of the more than 10 million seniors who face the threat of hunger nationwide. Carol’s story will likely sound familiar to you, as it reflects the experience of so many of the seniors your programs serve.

Take a few minutes of your time to raise your voice high!

One in four Meals on Wheels locations has a waiting list of hungry senior citizens waiting for lunch. Sadly with the lack of funding Meals on Wheels can’t provide them with the services they need. Meals on Wheels is petitioning Congress for more fund and they need your help. The deadline for their decision is Septemeber 30th. There are three ways you can show your support. 

1. Retweet- to tell your Congress leader how you feel.

2. Skip Lunch- Show your solidarity with 10 million seniors struggling with hunger by posting a picture of your empty lunch plate on social media using the hashtag #SaveLunch.

3. Tell Congress- Email your Members of Congress. We’ll connect you directly to their offices, so you can share what’s on your mind.

Give the seniors receiving and in need of Meals on Wheels a powerful voice!

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