It’s July and we typically think of celebrations in July. As I write this newsletter today, we are about to have our annual Volunteer Recognition Dinner. Our volunteers and all their hard work are truly worth
celebrating. We have volunteers who do many things. Here are some examples of what they do:

 Work in dining center kitchens; they help set up and clean up. They serve food and wash dishes. Our sites just couldn’t operate without them.
 Deliver meals on 40 different routes. It’s been said, “without their wheels, there’d be no meals.” That statement is spot-on.
 Provide reception and registration at our dining centers. Friendly faces greet and register lunch guests as they arrive.
 Work in the office, where they file, organize, fold, staple, cut, enter computer data, make phone calls, make name tags, and so much more.
 Volunteer at special event throughout the year for things such as volunteer recognition events, Fun Run, Farmers Market, Food Bank deliveries, nursing student visits, maintenance of our building and
grounds, garden boxes, and even a couple of Eagle Scout projects, just to name a few.
 Drive as transporters who deliver bulk prepared foods to Pasco and Parkside. When we add up all this service, we come up with over 350 people giving more than 25,000 hours and driving 92,000 miles last year.

In this newsletter, you will see some pictures from the Volunteer Recognition dinner. Take a look and find a volunteer to thank, and help me “Celebrate” all they do for Meals on Wheels, making our community a better place to live.

Marcee Woffinden
Nutrition Services Director

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