Kristi’s Update

What a relief it is that spring is finally here! We’re no longer obsessing about our weather and worrying if snowy
conditions are safe for volunteers to attempt delivery. Although there’s no way to return our newly-gray hair
back to its original state, we’re certainly feeling more optimistic and light-hearted here.
Our mood at Meals on Wheels has also been elevated by progress to our Fowler Street campus. When we built
our office building and Central Kitchen/Café a few years ago, we were left with a giant mountain of dirt and
rocks which was unsightly and potentially dangerous. Work to clear the site began last fall, and we now have
level ground which we’ve covered in gravel, providing much needed additional staff parking. The new staff
parking lot frees up spots for guests at our Café and office.
We have some other big news about our Fowler Street campus! We have broken ground on an accessory shed
which will house another walk-in-freezer. Only two years into our new kitchen, we’ve pretty well maxed out our
current freezer, so we are very grateful to be moving forward with this building. The second freezer will allow us
to create our own frozen meals, giving us complete control of exactly what goes into the meals.
At this time, we’re not at liberty to announce the primary funder of this project, but we are the grateful
recipients of $50,000 from a well-known, community-minded company. We’re excited to provide full funding
details in the future.
Best wishes to you all for a happy and healthy spring!

Kristi Thien
Nutrition Services Director

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