As I’m writing this newsletter, I’m so grateful to look out my window and see no new snow falling from the sky!  It’s true that we have small mountains of snow piled on the edges of our parking lot, but the parking lot itself is bare and safe, thanks to the diligent efforts of our staff, who have spent countless hours shoveling, scraping, sweeping, and applying ice melt.  We’ve survived 6 consecutive snow closure days, the longest in my 10 years with Meals on Wheels, and 2 emergency meal delivery days.  I think we’re officially tired of snow! 

Although it probably sounds like I’m whining about snow, a strange complaint for a native Montanan, I’d have to say that I’m bragging at the same time.  As we so often see during difficult times, the challenges created by the snow brought out the best in our clients, our volunteers, our staff, and our community.  A few of the amazing and caring acts I witnessed:

  • Site Managers showing incredible compassion when calling clients to check on them.
  • Meals on Wheels clients turning the tables by calling to check on the safety of volunteers and staff.
  • Volunteers dropping by clients’ homes to make sure they were ok.
  • Administrative staff leaving their own work to help make sure clients received emergency meals.
  • Kitchen staff filling other positions to help take care of clients.
  • Fire fighters taking time out of their personal lives to deliver emergency meals.
  • Office staff braving crazy road conditions to answer phones and reassure clients.
  • An outpouring of community support, offering assistance of nearly every kind.

As thankful as I am for the end of the snow, I’m also grateful to work with such a hard-working and dedicated team of staff and volunteers.  And I’m proud to live in a community like ours that esteems and cares for our    seniors.   Thanks to all of you!





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