Happy February! Although our 5th Annual Fundraising Breakfast doesn’t take place until early March, I want to take time now to invite each of you to attend this event, which is offered free of charge to the public.

Each year, CG Public House and the Simmons Family (Shirley, Steve, & Kyle) generously donate and serve a wonderful breakfast to potential Meals on Wheels donors. We offer a short presentation about our program while our guests enjoy their meals. Following breakfast, we’ll ask you to consider making a donation to Mid-Columbia Meals on Wheels.

Attending the breakfast in no way obligates you to donate. We always have a fun time, and I think it’s valuable for us to educate people about all the services we provide to local seniors. I’ve included an invitation below, and I hope to see and meet many of you at our event.

Kristi Thien
Nutrition Services Director

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