May Newsletter

Is it really already May? As summer quickly approaches, I’m reflecting on my first few months with Meals on Wheels, and continue to be grateful for a wonderful and compassionate team, a caring community of volunteers and donors, the support of our greater community, an invested Advisory Council, a selfless and mission-focused Board, and the clients we are so lucky to serve. Even on days that are full of surprises and pivots, I leave the office feeling a deep appreciation for this program and forever fortunate to be a part of it all. Thanks to all who have been so welcoming to me!

Now, for the juicy update: most of you have probably heard that our 1998 Ford van was stolen in early April. Our team arrived early on a Monday to find that our security chain had been cut, and our van was missing. In review of security footage, we learned that the van had been busted loose around 3:50 in the morning. We alerted the Richland Police Department, who confirmed they had seen her (the van) via their camera footage just after 4am on George Washington Way. Shortly after 10am, we received a call from an observant volunteer with a keen eye, reporting that they had seen our van in Burbank, and saw someone jump out and hop into another car, leaving the van running and the door open. Our fearless leader, Grant, headed to Burbank to check it out, and sure thing, it was there! We contacted the Walla Walla Sheriff’s office and once they were done checking it out, Grant drove the van to an auto shop and we held our breath, hoping for news that she could be repaired.

A few days later, Columbia Point Golf Course notified us that they found our cambro cabinets on their course. We retrieved them and confirmed that they can still be used (thankfully). While we haven’t found our oven, we have received word that the van will be repaired and the oven replaced, all of which will be covered by insurance. This means soon enough, Mary Jane the Van will be back on our lot serving as backup meal transportation. This will happen just in time, as we have some appointments coming up for our daily vans and will rely on Mary Jane.

If you weren’t already aware, this van has lived a wild life of crime, and was stolen once before in 2019. Let’s all hope this was her final run, and she’ll soon consider retiring from a life of crime.

Thank you to ALL that reached out regarding this unfortunate theft. Your support brightened our days and we thank you for thinking of us! Until next time, thanks for being here!

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