September Newsletter

As I look at our dedicated team of both staff and volunteers, I feel such gratitude! This Meals on Wheels team has worked incredibly hard to continue meal service through the pandemic without compromising the safety of our senior community.

As we see our local COVID-19 case numbers climbing alarmingly high, it’s easy to understand when we hear of people feeling overwhelmed, discouraged and disheartened. But just as I feel gratitude for the work of our wonderful Meals on Wheels team, I’m also grateful for and inspired by so many amazing folks throughout our community:

  • Benton Franklin Health District who provides leadership, guidance, and expertise to inform our decisions through the twists & turns of the pandemic.
  • Our local health care professionals who treat patients with COVID-19 and every other ailment, potentially placing themselves in harm’s way as they selflessly serve our community.
  • Our first responders who look after our safety and wellbeing every day.
  • Staff at the many grocery stores, drug stores, and other retail sites who continue to provide opportunities for the rest of us to retain at least a little normalcy in our lives.
  • All home care workers, including our sister agency, Home Care Services, whose care providers work in the homes of clients who desperately need assistance with all kinds of personal care tasks.
  • The essential workers who provide vital services like trash pickup, package/mail delivery, food delivery, and so much more.
  • The volunteers at our agency and other non-profits who place service above self every day.

There really aren’t words adequate to thanking all these folks, but I encourage everyone to offer thanks to the countless  people who work to make our community a wonderful and caring place to live.

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