November Newsletter

In this month when we make a point to be thankful, I’d like to share a couple incidents that occurred in October, both of which make me so thankful for my position with Meals on Wheels, working for and with so many amazing staff and  volunteers and clients!

—We have a wonderful volunteer who helps us in a million ways: she works in the admin office, delivers meals, helps assemble the bags of meals for delivery, and volunteers in whatever capacity is needed. In addition, she’s a generous donor and wonderful advocate for our program. She’s just finishing treatment for a serious-but-manageable health crisis in her own life.

   Although many folks might be focused on their own issues at such a time, she took the time to send ME a note of encouragement, a gesture that meant so much! Her words truly boosted me at a time when I felt pretty overwhelmed and maybe even a little discouraged. Our volunteers are simply the best!

—Our staff and seniors are also pretty amazing! A few of our staff members were out sick in October, leaving us short-handed on multiple fronts. Everyone on our staff willingly, enthusiastically, and without complaint juggled their jobs and their schedules to cover different positions and duties to ensure that meals were available for our seniors without interruption.

   During this period when we were short-staffed, we unfortunately had no one available to answer the phone most  afternoons. Callers had to leave a voicemail for us to return. Every caller was incredibly gracious and understanding of our situation, which certainly made our work much easier and more enjoyable.

On behalf of Meals on Wheels, I want to thank all our staff, volunteers, and clients for the contributions they have made and continue to make to our program and our community. I’d also like to wish everyone a Happy Thanksgiving, and I hope that you’ll enjoy our November 23rd Thanksgiving meal!

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