May Newsletter

It seems like progress has been slow during the pandemic, but there’s always lots happening behind the scenes at Meals on Wheels. Our staff is a great team, and they continue to work hard on lots of projects to provide the best service we can:

  • Farmers Market voucher preparations are underway.
  • Our $10,000 grant application to Battelle for the Summer Celebration of World Cuisine was approved! Details will follow in next month’s newsletter.
  • Our staff hosted a fun Volunteer Appreciation BBQ in April, and we put together a silly-but-sincere video thanking our volunteers for their wonderful work.
  • Delivery routes require perpetual attention and changes as people add to or leave the program.
  • New volunteers are constantly recruited and trained to fill ever-changing needs. Veteran volunteers require a new background check every 2 years.
  • Our kitchen staff is busy testing new recipes while still cooking for 700 people at a time.
  • Our packaging/transport crew works tirelessly to figure out how to best serve and store our meals.
  • Our Registered Dietitian monitors the nutritional quality of our meals and keeps an eye on problems.
  • Service Coordinators spend hours on the phones each day to complete registrations & update files annually.
  • Drive-thru & site staff are always busy keeping track of many, many details to keep our seniors safe & well-fed.
  • Admin support staff answers phone calls and supports all facets of our operation.
  • Our Meals on Wheels team is in constant conversation with the Health District and other community partners as we plan our eventual reopening with safety and health as our top priority.

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