Marcee’s Corner
Each year as we finish our annual survey, I like to share some of the results with you, so
here they are. As you can see we get a variety of comments, and we will review them carefully.
Thank you to all of you who took the time to complete and submit your surveys.

From our Senior Dining centers participants:
 Do the meals help you eat healthier and more balance meals? 98% yes
 Do the meals tasted good? 98% yes
 Do the meals look appetizing? 98% yes
 Do the meals help you remain in your own home? 89% yes
 Are the staff and volunteers polite and respectful? 99% yes
 Are the portions the right size? 89% yes. Of clients who said no, 1/2 said portions too large and 1/2 said too small.

From our Home Delivery participants:
 Does receiving meals help you to continue to live in your own home? 89% yes—6% no—5% unsure
 Do the meals help you eat healthier and more balanced meals? 94% yes—2% no—4% unsure
 Do the meals taste good? 97% yes—1% no—2% unsure
 Are the hot food hot and the cold food cold? 98% yes—2% unsure
 Do you feel more socially connected due to the driver visit each day? 91% yes—9% no
 Does having the meals delivered give you peace of mind? 98% yes—2% no
 In the last month, did you have to choose between buying food, utilities or medication? 17% yes

Favorite menu items: Least favorite menu items:
Meatloaf Pork (because it tends to be dry)
Fish Spinach Fritatta
Chicken Rice
Roast Beef Chicken breasts
Chef salad Mac and Cheese
Pork roast Fish

Marcee Woffinden
Nutrition Services Director

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