Happy Independence Day to all of you! I’d like to consider all of July as Independence Month here at Meals on Wheels. Our mission is to help keep seniors independent and in their own homes by providing a daily nutritious meal that requires no preparation and no cleanup. Our Home Care Services sister agency works toward that same goal of maintaining independence by providing light housekeeping, transportation, and personal care.
Even as we work to preserve senior independence, our agency is completely dependent on our wonderful supporters to help us achieve our mission. Our supporters include our unbelievably dedicated volunteers and staff who are all so generous in sharing their time and talents; the private and corporate donors who demonstrate their belief in our mission and our seniors through their financial generosity; our Board of Directors who steer our agency; our local and State Aging and Long Term Care who works to provide funding; and our senior participants who advocate for our program, encourage our volunteers, or contribute toward the cost of their meals. We are so grateful for the support from everyone who supports our mission.
July also contains lots of those sort of made up “national holidays” that are so popular now. Although July marks both National Gingersnap Day and National Vanilla Ice Cream Day, I’m more interested to see that July 11th has been designated as National Cheer Up the Lonely Day. I don’t actually consider it a holiday, but I think it’s a great reminder for all of us to take a little time to visit with someone we know who might be feeling a little lonely. A short visit or phone call can definitely impact all of us for the better, something to which our volunteer drivers and dining room staff can certainly attest.
I hope you all enjoy a very fun, cheerful. and independent month and Fourth of July!

Kristi Thien

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