Good golly, time is moving quickly! It’ll be fall this month! As I look at the calendar, it’s hard to believe that it’s been over 5 months since COVID-19 arrived, changing all of our lives and limiting the way Meals on Wheels is able to provide service. When we first made the switch from daily hot meals to weekly frozen meals in March, we weren’t sure if the changes would last for a week or a month or longer. While we still don’t know how long the virus will impact our service, we’ve settled into our new routines with an ever-watchful eye toward a return to our hallmark hot meal service.

Although we can’t move forward with opening our dining centers or providing hot meal delivery at this time, I’m pleased to say that we are taking a baby step forward: Beginning Wednesday, September 16th, we will be offering drive-thru hot meals to our seniors on Wednesdays only. The drive-thru service will be available exclusively at our Meals on Wheels Café, from 11 am to 1 pm each Wednesday. Details for the service can be found in our September Newsletter. We hope to expand our service offerings over time, as our community moves into new phases of our COVID-19 recovery.

We are so excited to moving forward. I can’t even tell you how much we miss spending time with our clients and our volunteers! This addition to our service truly feels like the beginning of progress toward a more normal. We’re not sure what our future holds, but we’re grateful to be part of a wonderful community that supports our program and our seniors. Stay safe & healthy out there!

Kristi Thien,
Nutrition Services Director

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