July Newsletter

Here’s a taste of what’s happening at Meals on Wheels:

  • On July 14th, Meals on Wheels will host a free COVID vaccination clinic at our Fowler Street campus. Benton Franklin Health District will be here with all 3 of the approved vaccines. The event is open to the public, and we’ll have cold water and cookies for folks while they wait. Vaccination clinic details are below.
  • Effective 7/6, folks who pick up meals from our senior dining centers will now be able to pick up a hot meal on Tuesdays &/or Thursdays. Our Café drive-thru will remain open Mon-Friday. Details are listed below.
  • We are searching far and wide for volunteers to fill shifts at all locations! We have a huge need for friendly new faces to join our current team in order to return to Monday through Friday meal service. Please encourage friends, family, neighbors, & strangers to join our team of wonderful volunteers!
  • We are working closely with multiple agencies to ensure that our incremental, long-term reopening plans are prudent and safe for our clients, volunteers, and staff. We know it may feel like things are moving very slowly, but safety of our at-risk population is always at the core of the decisions we make.
  • Finally, please stay safe in the heat! Stay well-hydrated and remain inside air-conditioned areas as much as possible, especially during the heat of the day.

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