January Newsletter

Happy New Year! When I set 2023 as my retirement year, it seemed impossibly far off, but now the time has come for a big change in my life. People who know me well are unsurprised to learn that I’ve chosen 2/3/23 as my retirement date. I love quirky numbers, oddball expressions, and words of […]

December Newsletter

Here we are, already nearly at the end of another year! I look forward to enjoying Christmas with family, but I’m already looking ahead to 2023. As a person who loves change and embraces new things, I look forward to the beginning of every new day, week, and year as the start of something fun […]

November Newsletter

Happy Thanksgiving! Each year, Thanksgiving is a good reminder to me to express gratitude for the many folks who make Mid-Columbia Meals on Wheels a success, including the entire Meals on Wheels team. Our team includes generous and dedicated volunteers, staff, donors, sponsors, grant-funders, our friends at Aging & Long Term Care, our Senior Life […]

October Newsletter

Many years ago, I read The Greatest Generation by Tom Brokaw. I loved the book, and I totally identified with his description of his father. Mr. Brokaw wrote that his dad’s measure of a good day was based on the amount of work he completed during the day. I also tend to rate the success […]