August Newsletter

We Are Family - Week 1 - Destiny Church

People have been commenting on our new bright pink Meals on Wheels shirts that say “We are Family.” We ordered the shirts in support of a staff member who has been diagnosed with cancer, but the sentiment of support applies to all our staff, each of whom carry their own burdens.

Like everyone else, our lives continue outside our work time, and our staff has experienced our share of both joys and difficulties. In the past year and a half, COVID-19 has not been our only challenge. Several of our staff have experienced cancer & other serious diagnoses. We’ve lost family members and watched family members struggle with illness, accidents, & injuries. We’ve lost pets, worried about children, struggled with broken appliances, and all the other usual problems of life.

Through our difficulties, we’ve relied on the support of our family, neighbors, and friends, as well as our tight-knit Meals on Wheels family. Offering support to one another through the rough times and rejoicing together in the good times definitely feels like the role of family.

We hope that the compassion and regard we have for each other, our volunteers, and our clients shows in the work we do.

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