Happy Fourth of July to everyone! The Fourth is truly one of my favorite holidays because it’s time I get to spend with family and friends who are just like family. Although my family’s holiday traditions have changed as our children have grown, the time spent together continues to be the most precious gift of any holiday. We often hear clients talk about the high regard they have for their volunteers who deliver to their homes or serve at the dining centers. They also appreciate our site managers and office staff who handle their phone calls with care and compassion. I wanted to share one of my all-time favorite comments we’ve received from a client who received home delivery: “The food is absolutely wonderful! And I look forward to all the precious people who bring it.  I meet them when they’re new, and then they turn into old friends. Really they’re more like family to me than anything! Their personalities just light up my house! I look forward to seeing them every day.”  This client’s comments capture what we strive to achieve every day. We all know how important consistent nutrition is for our health, but relationships and connections to people are also critical to our well‐being. We are so grateful for all our dedicated volunteers and staff who have become part of our Meals on Wheels family.
Hoping for a wonderful holiday for all you!
Kristi Thien
Nutrition Services Director


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