Senior Life Resources Northwest is excited to announce that its Mid-Columbia Meals on Wheels program that provides seniors with nutritious meals, social contact, and well-being checks is the recipient of a very generous donation from a Richland couple. Tom and Della Seim, longtime supporters and advocates for the Meals on Wheels program, put out a challenge to others in our community.In late July Tom and Della announced that they would match community members who took up the “Double our Money” challenge, dollar for dollar up to $10,000, until midnight September 30th. It started slowly but as the last days of September loomed momentum grew. In fact, as the deadline drew to a close the challengers had contributed $11,000, $1000 more than needed to get the full $10,000 from the Seim’s generous challenge.

Tom and Della Seim will present their check to Mid-Columbia Meals on Wheels at 1:00 on Monday October 23rd. This will take place at the Meals on Wheels café at 1834 Fowler Street. Members of the public are welcome to come and share this presentation with us, as we recognize this, the latest of many generous acts of time, expertise, interest, support, and donations that Tom and Della Seim have contributed in over 25 years of association with the Mid-Columbia Meals on Wheels program. Funding for meals has benefited by $21,000 thanks to them.

$21,000 fully funds nearly 3,000 warm, tasty, nutritious meals. Eight vulnerable seniors will receive a meal every day of the week, for a whole year. It is easy to see how critically important such generosity is when you consider that Mid-Columbia Meals on Wheels is on track to prepare and serve 185,000 meals this year, nearly 12,000 MORE meals in 2017 than in 2016. Demand continues to grow, traditional funding dollars are steady or declining and it takes our community members, like Tom and Della Seim and those who rose to the challenge, to build sustaining support to bridge the widening gap.

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